Friday, 19 October 2012

I am worried about losing rights

Q: After all we have been through this last three years, and all the repeated failings, I can see children being without the provision they need for longer. I am worried sick about the changes and losing our rights. It is hard enough now and my second child with complex needs is just coming in to the SEN system.

IPSEA's answer: At this moment, the draft proposals do not preserve children's existing rights and the limited improvements (i.e. extension of the EHC plan to 25 years and the application of the law to Academies) are things that could easily be done by amending existing legislation. So why do it? What the new proposals do not do is cut red tape or provide a combined assessment across education, health and social care. They do not  improve things for us as parents. For example, we will still need to have a core assessment of our child's social care needs to access direct payments for respite care. The SEND tribunal will only be able to decide cases based on educational reasons. Our children are still being seen as "segments of an orange" rather than as "whole" children.

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