Friday, 19 October 2012

Transition arrangements to a new system

Question: Do the new reforms mean that those of us who already have statements and have fought at tribunal to get a specialised placement will lose our rights at some stage?

IPSEA's answer: It is not yet clear what transition arrangements will be put into place for children with Statements of SEN to move to an EHC plan. One idea being considered is whether all children with an existing Statement (or under a Learning Disability Assessment) will be reassessed for an EHC plan. Such an idea would be madness - especially if the aim is not to reduce the number of EHC plans out there compared with Statements or Learning Disability Assessments. It would also cost an absolute fortune for LAs! Why not automatically transfer all children with a Statement to an EHC plan? The simple answer is if they reassess then all contents of existing statements would be open to change. If they do not reassess then you are only open to change if the LA have evidence (which they introduce at a review) that your child no longer has the needs originally identified, so no longer needs the same level of support (and therefore does not need the specialised school placement) or that the education provision they need can now be made in a cheaper school.At this point nobody knows what will happen. 

It would be interesting to see what the estimated costs of transition arrangements to the new system would be for:
1. Central Government  
2. Local Authorities 
3. Schools

I wonder if anyone has actually already done this calculation.


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  1. I really can't see them would be an admnistrative and financial nightmare. I'd be interested in more information about who is currently considering re-assessing kids with statements for EHC plans. Is that writren down in any documents anywhere or in Hansard or anything?


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